Five Ideas to Improve Staff Attendance

When you want to make sure that your permanent employee and temporary workers from staffing agencies in Painesville, Ohio, report to work consistently, it’s wise to take action. Tardiness and absenteeism harm your business. 

Not only can attendance problems hinder productivity, but it can also damage morale. Your other employees often become frustrated when a team member is frequently late or absent. As a result, it’s wise to take steps to improve the situation. If you want to bolster staff attendance, here are five ideas that can help. 

Have a Formal Attendance Policy

With a formal attendance policy, you can define what the company deems as excessive absenteeism or tardiness. This ensures your staff is appropriately informed about your expectations, which can lead to an improvement. 

Additionally, it creates a place for you to outline any potential consequences. When a problem occurs, you have an action plan in place, guiding any corrective steps that need to happen to remedy the issue and increasing the likelihood that the right procedures are used before a termination. 

Just make sure that you properly apply any consequences discussed in the policy. If you don’t follow through, then it won’t be effective. 

Collect Data

If you don’t have records that show an employee is excessively late or absent, you may have trouble enforcing any policies. Collect any data that shows when an employee was late or absent and keep it in a central location, such as in a personnel file system. 

Speak with Trouble Employees

Whenever you notice a pattern of tardiness or absenteeism, speak with the employee quickly. Let them know that you’ve discovered a trend. Then, stress the importance of timeliness and work together to find a solution. 

This approach also gives you an opportunity. You can learn about issues that may be hindering the worker and can remove any barriers that are within your purview. It also increases the odds that the employee will see the discussion as constructive and that you are willing to assist in any way possible. 

Make Accommodations When Appropriate

In some cases, simple schedule adjustments can reduce tardiness and absenteeism. For example, if an employee is often late because they get delayed dropping their child off at school, pushing their start-time back 30 minutes might resolve the problem. 

As long as accommodation doesn’t inconvenience the rest of the team or the company as a whole, consider it. However, if it’s too much of a hindrance, then it may not be appropriate. 

Know When to Take Action

If an employee has been counseled more than once, and the situation isn’t improving, you may need to terminate their employment. While it can feel extreme, this approach ensures that your team can be fully staffed by dedicated individuals you can rely on. As a result, it can be necessary if you want to improve morale and productivity while also showing that you take tardiness and absenteeism seriously. 

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