How to Keep Your Work Environment Clean During Flu Season

Preventing the spread of the flu virus at work is important. It ensures that as many of your employees as possible stay healthy, and that’s not just critical for them; it’s also essential if you’re going to maintain productivity. 

By keeping your work environment clean during the flu season, you can make sure your permanent employees and contract workers through staffing agencies in Perry, Ohio are less likely to become ill. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some tips that can help. 

Encourage Flu-Stricken Workers to Call in Sick 

If you want to keep the flu virus out of your workplace, then it’s best to have sick employees stay home. Make it clear that calling in sick if they have the flu won’t harm their reputation or lead to a reprisal. Additionally, direct managers to send ill team members home if they do come in. That way, they aren’t spreading than infection further than it has already gotten. 

Plus, by giving your workers the ability to stay home and rest, they may overcome the flu faster. You are encouraging them to care for themselves, and that can speed healing, allowing them to return at full capacity sooner. 

Disinfect Frequently and Thoroughly 

In many cases, coughs and sneezes aren’t what spread the flu virus the fastest. Instead, touching shared objects and surfaces that carry the infection are more often to blame. Doorknobs, coffeemakers, microwaves, and copiers can all play a role, particularly since the flu virus can live on many surfaces for up to 24 hours. 

Make sure that all surfaces are disinfected frequently and thoroughly. This includes counters, doorknobs, appliances, office equipment, keyboards, telephones, and anything else that is touched regularly during the course of a business day. 

Additionally, use products that are designed to kill the flu virus, as not all cleaners can handle that job. Diluted bleach can do the trick, and there are certain sprays that have been tested and are known to work on the flu virus. 

For items like coffee pots, make sure they are washed regularly, ideally in a dishwasher. High heat levels and steam can kill the flu virus, making that approach an ideal alternative for food and beverage containers where certain chemical options would be inappropriate or unsafe. 

Make Handwashing Easy 

Ensuring your employees can easily wash their hands during the day can also help stop the spread of the flu virus. Make sure high-quality soaps are readily available. You can also have stations that dispense hand sanitizer, creating a resource that can be used quickly while on the go. 

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