5 Signs That Lead to a Bad Hire

Whether you are looking for temporary workers through staffing agencies in Solon, Ohio, or a permanent team member on your own, every candidate is going to try and put their best foot forward during the interview. They may focus on their strengths and try to downplay their weaknesses. Job seekers might put on a proverbial mask, trying to shape themselves into what you’re hoping to find. This makes it incredibly tricky to make sound hiring decisions. 

Luckily, there are a variety of signs that could indicate trouble. If you overlook them, you increase your odds of making a bad hire. In order to help you spot these red flags, here’s what you should look out for during an interview. 


1. A Blasé Attitude

If the candidate doesn’t seem enthusiastic about the opportunity, that’s a bad sign. Even the most skilled professional won’t excel in the role if they don’t actually care about the job or their field. In contrast, a passionate candidate will work diligently to impress, take on training to improve their skills and do whatever it takes to thrive. 

When a candidate has a blasé attitude about the position, it’s best to move on to other applicants. That way, you can find someone who genuinely cares about the opportunity. 

2. No Weaknesses

While it’s normal for candidates to try and downplay their weaknesses, a job seeker with integrity will always own up to their shortcomings. If an interviewee swears that they don’t have any flaws or gaps in their knowledge, that’s a red flag. Either they lack self-awareness, are being dishonest, or don’t take ownership of their shortcomings, all of which can be a problem. 

3. Too Many “I” Stories

During an interview, candidates typically focus on their abilities and accomplishments. However, if a job seeker never mentions working with their colleagues, being part of a team, or completing projects with others, that could be a bad sign. It may indicate that they don’t work well in groups or that they don’t give credit where it’s due. While not every story needs to involve a “we” instead of an “I,” it should at least come up on occasion. 

4. Not Enough “I” Stories

If a candidate spends all of their time talking about “we” instead of “I,” that’s also a red flag. A strong interviewee will be able to articulate exactly how they contributed to a success, even while referencing group work. If the candidate struggles to share precisely which of their actions made the accomplishment possible, they might be riding on the hard work of others. Alternatively, they may lack self-confidence, preventing them from seeing the value of their unique contributions. 

5. No Questions

It isn’t a secret that candidates get to ask questions at the end of an interview. If a job seeker doesn’t have anything to ask, that could indicate that they aren’t overly interested in the role or company, specifically. Ideally, the candidate will ask at least one or two thoughtful questions that pertain to the position, company’s culture, physical environment, or something in that vein, demonstrating that they are envisioning themselves in the job and want to make sure it’s a great fit for everyone. 

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