Best Way to Leave a Great First Impression

In many cases, a first impression is made within the first few seconds after two people meet. Since it happens so quickly, it may seem like taking control of the situation and guaranteeing that you’ll make a great first impression is impossible. 

However, when you are interviewing for jobs in Solon, Ohio, there are things you can do to ensure the hiring manager is impressed from the beginning. Here’s what you need to do. 

Start Impressing Before the Meeting 

The first impression you make on a hiring manager can actually happen well before the handshake. Sometimes, the receptionist will share details about their interactions with you with the hiring manager when they let them know you’ve arrived. In some cases, the hiring manager will spot you before you see them and will take your actions at that time into account. 

If you want to make a great first impression, start impressing before you leave your car and head into the building. Assume that all eyes are on you already and aim to be polite and professional at all times. Additionally, make sure your phone is already put away and on silent, ensuring you aren’t lost in your screen when the hiring manager walks up. 

Smile Quickly and Often 

Smiling can be a powerful gesture when you meet someone new. It’s a simple facial cue that makes you seem enthusiastic, likable, warm, and happy to be there, so use that to your advantage. As you work your way toward reception, smile that those you encounter. Additionally, as soon as you hear the hiring manager, don’t fight back a grin. 

Have a Great Handshake 

A confident handshake is a critical part of a strong introduction. When the hiring manager arrives, extend your hand once you get close. Make sure your grip is firm, but not domineering or painful. Give it two or three pumps, making eye contact and smiling as you exchange names and pleasantries. Then, release and prepare to follow the hiring manager to the meeting area. 

Build a Rapport 

As you walk your way to the meeting room or the hiring manager’s office, engage in some small talk. This casual conversation can help set the tone of your interview, making you seem friendly and enthusiastic. Plus, it may help you feel less nervous, as the first few minutes of discussion aren’t focused on what you bring to the table and give you a chance to connect briefly. 

Are You Ready Land Your Next Job? 

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