Are You an Expert? Use Positioning to Attract Passive Job Seekers in Cleveland

Connecting with passive candidates is significantly more challenging than reaching active job seekers. Since they are not focused on finding a new position, though they are open to opportunities, they are typically highly selective about the roles they pursue.

Whether you find candidates through temp agencies in Cleveland, Ohio, or using your own recruitment methods, positioning your company as an expert can be a great method for attracting passive job seekers. If you want to know how to begin, here are some tips to get you started.

Highlight Your Expertise on Social Media

Many professionals want to work with cutting-edge companies. If you are a leader in your industry, then showcasing your expertise on social media is an excellent way to build your employer brand and entice passive job seekers.

Often, this approach involves highlighting company innovations and the willingness to embrace (or create) new technologies. For example, if your business makes a major stride in the industry, do not rely solely on traditional news outlets and industry websites to tout your accomplishment. Instead, create your own posts or videos discussing it and share them on your social media accounts.

Additionally, if another resource touts your capabilities, then consider sharing their articles on your social media profiles as well. This helps establish your company as an expert and increases the odds that passive job seekers will notice.

Also, take part in any discussions that surround these accomplishments. Answer people’s questions, say “thank you” when they offer a compliment, and otherwise focus on engagement. Not only does this make it easier to highlight your expertise, but it also makes the company more friendly, and potentially relatable.

Discuss Your Dedication to Growth and Advancement

Industry leaders are rarely satisfied with where they are today. Instead, they want to keep moving forward, ensuring they remain an expert in the field.

Whether you promote learning opportunities, mentorships, innovation, or professional development in your workforce, make sure to discuss your programs openly. Detail the options on social media and add snippets to your vacancy announcements. You can also encourage your employees to talk about their experiences, helping prospective candidates learn about how your offerings can benefit their career.

Ultimately, you can’t expect passive candidates to know anything about your status as an expert unless you share it openly. Allow others to discuss your expertise and accomplishments, and start meaningful conversations on social media. With a bit of time, you can use positioning to make you stand out as an employer, increasing the odds that you’ll connect with the candidates you need to thrive.

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