Cut the Noise: How to Filter Out Distractions in the Workplace

Maintaining focus at work can be challenging. After all, you do not have full control over your environment, so you will face distractions that can hinder productivity.

Luckily, there are things you can do to make even the most cacophonous environments manageable. Whether you are on an assignment through one of the leading temp agencies in Cleveland, Ohio, or are in a permanent role with your employer, if you need to filter out distractions while you are on the job, here are some ways to get started.

Schedule Your Assignments

If you work in an office environment and have access to a calendar that others can view, then scheduling time for your heads-down tasks can help you limit distractions. By creating calendar appointments that effectively show you are unavailable, people may be less likely to randomly stop by or expect an immediate response from you, as they will know that you are busy.

While you can’t block out your entire day in most cases, scheduling appointments for detail-oriented work is a smart approach if you want to limit interruptions. Plus, it may allow you to focus on these duties during times where you are the most focused naturally, which is a nice bonus.

Turn Off Your Notifications

Email, instant messenger, and social media notifications are always distracting. Even if you don’t look at them, the noise or pop-up grabs your attention, pulling you away from the task at hand.

If you want to boost your productivity, turn all of your notifications off when you need to concentrate. Rarely is a message so dire that it can’t go unnoticed for about an hour, so don’t feel guilty about being somewhat offline. However, if you are worried about missing an emergency, let people know that, in times of crisis, they should call you instead of message. That way, they can get your attention if there is a genuine need.

Once your heads-down work is done, then you can check the messages and reply. You’ll likely find that your short delay in responding will go unnoticed.

Bring Headphones

Random noise in the workplace can be very distracting. Everything from ringing phones to conversations one desk over can make it harder to focus, so blocking them out can boost productivity.

If you can, wear some headphones at work. Then, select either instrumental music or songs where the lyrics are in a language you don’t speak, as those aren’t likely to distract you and instead just linger in the background.

Make a Sign

Sometimes, you just need to let people know that you are busy. One easy way is to create a small sign that you can display on or near your workstation that tells people now is not a good time for a chat.

Consider something simple, like a sign that says, “Sorry, but I am currently unavailable,” and make the text large and clear. You can also add a red stop sign or a similar graphic to help grab the person’s attention, increasing the odds that they will read it before interrupting you.

Are You for a New Employment Opportunity?

If you can’t filter out the distractions at your current workplace, then a new position may be the ideal solution. Contact the skilled team of recruiters at Vector Technical Inc. for the support and guidance you need to succeed or take a few minutes to browse our open jobs and even submit an online application, allowing you to start your journey today!