Looking Back on January – Did You Maintain and Surpass Your New Year Resolution?

As 2018 comes to a close, now is the perfect time to take a moment and reflect on your progress. One great way to assess how you did is to look back on your New Year resolutions from last January and see if you were able to meet or surpass your goals.

At times, figuring out how to assess your progress can be a challenge. However, there are points you can review even if you aren’t entirely sure what resolutions you set. Whether your intentions were to use more cost-effective hiring approaches, such as by partnering with leading temp agencies in Cleveland, Ohio, or anything else, here’s how to begin.

Review the Metrics

Every company tracks specific information. For example, do you monitor your hiring and retention rates? What about profitability and productivity?

If your organization calculates a particular metric because it monitors a point of value, then you can take a look at the data to see how far you have come. Begin by pulling numbers from January and then from your most recent month of record. See if the numbers are trending positively or negatively, as well as the overall percentage change.

If you previously set a goal for 2018, you can use these metrics to see if you reached it. However, even if there wasn’t a formal resolution, looking at the numbers is still a wise move. The data lets you estimate the health of the company and, if the metrics aren’t moving in the ideal direction or didn’t reach the level of improvement you were hoping to see, you can use that information to come up for 2019 goals.

Consider Your Performance

Company leaders and managers should also pause for a moment to consider their own performance. The majority of professionals aim to become more productive year-over-year, so if you feel that you feel short, now is the time to consider why.

For example, was your productivity hindered by time-wasters? Were you plagued by interruptions? Did procrastination or fear of failure hold you back?

If you answered “no” to the questions above, then your performance during 2018 was likely strong. However, if you answered “yes,” then it’s wise to consider what impeded your progress. That way, that information can be the foundation of some lessoned learned during the year, and you can create a plan to ensure that you excel once the new year has begun.

Be Kind to Yourself

When you review your New Year resolutions to see if you succeeded, don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t achieve every goal. Often, managers and organizational leaders aim high when they set goals, and some of them may not have been genuinely achievable. Additionally, unexpected events may also have made those objectives unrealistic after the fact.

Ultimately, don’t view a missed resolution as a failure. Instead, reflect on them and consider what you learned along the way. Then, create new resolutions for 2019 that push you, but aren’t so challenging as to be impossible.

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