Setting Your Sights on 2019 – The Key to Planning for Your Best Year Ever

2018 is quickly coming to a close, and many professionals are wondering what the new year will hold. While leaving it to chance is certainly an option, crafting a plan that will help you succeed is the smarter approach. There are many aspects of your career that are almost completely under your control, so choosing not to plan could mean you don’t get as far as you otherwise could.

However, before you let the possibilities send your thoughts off on tangents, there is a key to planning that you shouldn’t ignore. Whether you want to land one of the exciting second shift jobs in the area or simply set yourself up for long-term career success, here is how you can start planning for your best year ever.

Stop and Reflect on Your Career

If you are looking for the key to having the best possible year, taking a moment to reflect on your career is it. While stopping to look backward usually feels counterintuitive, especially at a time when most professionals are looking toward the future, it is a critical part of the process.

Why? Because you need to decide if the path you have been following is actually working for you. If it is, then you know that looking toward the future and heading down that road is a smart move. But, if it isn’t, then your approach to planning for your year needs to be very different.

Without a moment to reflect, many professionals will simply keep moving down the path set before them. However, if they aren’t actually satisfied with their job, career, or field, continuing further isn’t always the best choice.

Instead, now would be a great time to consider making a change and deciding what new destination actually makes sense based on their needs and preferences.

How to Decide if a Change is Necessary

At times, figuring out if a new path is what you need is challenging. After all, change is scary, so many people naturally shy away from it. However, this is a time when facing your fears is necessary.

Often, you can make significant progress by asking yourself a few questions. For example, are you happy performing your daily tasks? Do you have opportunities to learn, grow, and advance with your employer or in your field? Are you deriving any satisfaction from your role and your career as a whole? Do you constantly daydream about doing something different?

All of these questions can help you gauge whether you need to continue down your current path or if it’s time to head off in a new direction. Then, once you know which approach is best, you can begin creating a comprehensive plan that will allow you to reach your goals in 2019.

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