Why Every Job Seeker Should Attend 1 Networking Event in Cleveland Every Month

For many, the idea of attending a networking event isn’t necessarily enticing. However, if you are a job seeker, these gatherings can be incredibly valuable.

Whether you are managing your job search on your own or are partnering with leading temp agencies in Mentor, Ohio, here’s why every job seeker should attend at least one networking event every month.

Practice Talking About Yourself

A significant portion of the hiring process involves “selling” the hiring manager on the idea that you are the best candidate. Often, this means spending at least an hour (the interview) talking about yourself every time your resume makes it through the screening process.

If you aren’t comfortable talking about yourself, your lack of confidence will show during your interview, hurting your chances of being selected. By attending networking events, you give yourself an opportunity to practice talking about yourself in a setting where the stakes may not be as high, and that can be beneficial.

However, it’s important to remember that, when you’re at a networking event, it isn’t all about you. These conversations are supposed to be reciprocal, with you sharing some information about yourself while you learn about the other person, so keep that in mind when you attend.

Make Valuable Connections

Every person you meet at a networking event could potentially help you with your career. While happening to cross paths with a hiring manager may be somewhat rare, it can happen. Additionally, the others that you meet can still provide value, such as by providing guidance, support, mentorship, or even friendship.

Networking is all about interacting with like-minded professionals, creating opportunities to connect with attendees face-to-face. However, if you want the connection to be genuine, don’t focus every conversation on the fact that you’re looking for a job. Instead, find common interests, share insights into your experience that could benefit others, and chat about current industry trends. Then, strive to keep that connection going after the event, sending follow-up emails or reaching out on social media.

While it can take time for the connection to develop into a functional professional relationship, it is worth the effort.

You Have a Chance to Learn

If you want to achieve long-term career success, you should always strive to learn new things. When you head to a networking event, you may get to hear from a respected guest speaker on an interesting topic or emerging trend, helping you keep up with what’s to come in your field.

Further, since you can speak with other professionals, you may gather tips that can help you improve your approach to a task or enhance your skills, both of which can be beneficial. Plus, if you maintain these connections over the long-term, you can keep learning from them.

Ultimately, networking events can be incredibly beneficial to job seekers, so make a plan to attend at least one a month during your search and potentially after you land a new position.

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