How to Find an Employer That’s Focused on Your Long-Term Growth

Unless you are at the end of your career and planning to retire soon, you probably want to keep moving forward on your chosen path.

By finding an employer that can assist with your professional development, you may find it easier to achieve your goals, allowing you to make progress more quickly.

But figuring out whether an organization will support you in that manner isn’t always easy. If you are exploring Mentor, Ohio, career opportunities, here are some signs that an employer is focused on your long-term growth.

Professional Development Programs

One of the most common signs that an employer focuses on the long-term growth of their staff is the presence of formal professional development programs. This can include a variety of internal training mechanisms, ranging from online course to seminars to one-on-one instruction.

While some companies tout their professional development programs on their websites or in their vacancy announcements, not all do. If finding such an employer is a priority, consider asking about these opportunities at the end of your interview.

Cross-Training and Mentorship

Cross-training opportunities and mentorship programs are also hallmarks of employers that will support your long-term growth. Often, you’ll get a chance to acquire new skills, interact with new technologies, and learn from the experience of others, all of which can be beneficial.

In some cases, these arrangements are highly formal and structured, though some companies take a looser, yet still effective, approach. Again, this is something you can ask about during your interview, if the information isn’t readily available online or in the vacancy announcement.

Education Benefits

Some companies support the growth of their employees through their benefits package. Education offerings can make pursuing a degree more affordable, creating an opportunity for learning additional skills or even transitioning into a specific field.

Often, education benefits come in three forms. One approach a company may take involves reimbursements. Essentially, if you enroll in a qualifying class and complete it (sometimes with a minimum grade), the business will cut a check for the cost of that course. This can allow you to replenish your bank account or pay down an associated student loan, making education more affordable.

Another option may be an education assistance program. This typically involves a lump sum on a one-time, annual, or per semester basis. In some cases, companies choose student loan assistance instead, providing financial support to employees with existing or newly acquired student loans.

Internal Promotions

Typically, if an employer prefers to promote internal staff instead of hiring someone from the outside, this can indicate that they support the development of their workforce. Usually, this means that employees are given a chance to grow their skills and experience level, allowing them to be a solid fit for a higher-level position.

If you discover that the reason the position you are applying for is vacant is that the last person in the role was promoted, that can be a good sign that the employer supports professional growth.

Ultimately, all of the options above could suggest that a company will help you achieve your long-term career goals, so consider asking questions about them to see what the business currently offers.

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