Are Your Employees Getting Hurt? Let’s Keep Them Healthy

Injured employees can do a number on productivity. Those who are severely hurt often miss work, while minor injuries can slow down workers until they heal. If they were injured on the job, then you also have to shoulder to cost of workers’ compensation, which can cost a bundle.

Luckily, there are things you can do to help keep your employees healthy, regardless of whether you hire on your own or by using reputable temp agencies in Cleveland, Ohio. Here are some tips to get you started.

Provide the Proper Equipment

If your employees don’t have the right tools or equipment for the job, their odds of being injured may go up. Often, staff members will improvise solutions if the right equipment isn’t available, and this doesn’t always lead to the best results.

Whether it’s personal protective equipment, machinery, or ergonomic workstations, providing the right options for the work being performed is a great way to lower the chances of your workers being harmed.

Focus on Training

Safety training should be a fundamental part of every organization. Regardless of the nature of your business, certain hazards will always exist, and workers should receive instruction regarding how to mitigate any risks.

Anything from proper lifting procedures, how to avoid repetitive motion injuries, or how to use safety equipment can be covered. So, make sure to offer regular training to help ensure that the proper precautions are always taken as your workers move through their day.

Support Physical Fitness

Regular physical activity can help promote wellness and lower the risk of workplace injuries. Exercise can build muscle and strength bones, making your staff more physically capable. For older workers, physical fitness can even reduce the chances of slips, trips, and falls, a leading cause of injuries in the workplace.

If you make an effort to support physical fitness, such as through wellness programs, you can help your employees maintain their health, reducing the chance of injuries along the way.

Be Adequately Staffed

Workers who are subjected to frequent overtime may be more likely to be injured on the job. Exhausted employees may not have the focus needed to perform tasks safely, or may take shortcuts that increase the risk of them being harmed.

If your team is overworked, consider bringing in additional permanent or temporary staff members to relieve the burden. This gives your full-time employees a chance to recharge, ensuring that they are always at the best while working.

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