15 Things to Do on Social Media to Increase Your Chances of Finding a Job



Social media has become a powerful tool in the job seeker’s arsenal. It lets you find new opportunities, connect with companies and hiring managers, and even apply to vacancies. But, to tap into this resource, you need to make sure that everything on your account is in tip-top shape.

Whether you’re hoping to land one of the coveted Lubrizol jobs or are seeking out other opportunities, here are 15 things to do on social media to increase your odds.

Remove Questionable or Controversial Material

You need to make sure that any publicly accessible information reflects positively on you. This means you need to remove questionable or controversial pictures, posts, comments, or likes that may harm your job search.

Focus on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

Just because you want to use social media for your job search doesn’t mean you need an account on every platform. Instead, focus on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and only add others if they align with your industry.

Use Your Real Name

Some people prefer to use humorous handles or otherwise skip listing their real name on their social media accounts. But, if you’re using your profiles to find a job, it’s better to use your real name.

Use a Professional Image

If you add a profile picture, make sure it reflects you as a professional. Wear the appropriate attire and pose in a way that suits your industry.

Add Your Links to Your Resume

Since most hiring managers screen applicant’s social media profiles, make sure they land on the right ones by adding your links to your resume or application.

Avoid Sending Professional Communications

While you may want to apply or make an initial contact over social media, the majority of your professional communications should occur outside of the platform. If you’re going to follow up on an application or interview, try email instead.

Don’t “Friend” Everyone

Don’t be overzealous and try to friend or officially connect with every person you contact. Instead, save that for after you develop a rapport (or get offered a job), if you do it at all.

Join Groups

LinkedIn and Facebook are full of groups that can help your job search, so perform a search to find relevant ones and see if you can join.

Reconnect with Your Network

If you haven’t communicated with members of your network for some time, work to reconnect before you ask about job opportunities. This reestablishes the relationship, increasing the odds that they’ll be receptive to your request.

Share Great Posts

Liking and sharing great posts by other professionals can increase your connection while adding more value to your feed. So, if you see something you love (and it’s business appropriate), consider sharing it.

Follow Company Job Listings

If a business shares vacancy information through a particular account, make sure to follow it. That way, you’ll see it whenever a new position is posted.

Follow Industry Leaders

By following leaders in your industry, you can grow your network and view their valuable insights.

Don’t Go Overboard

While liking, sharing and following are great moves, don’t be overzealous. If you start commenting on every post a person makes or begging them to follow you in return, you might put them off.

Search with Hashtags

Hashtags are used to group like-material and posts, so use them when you search. For example, try options like #jobs or #hiring along with other keywords to see if you get better results.

Add Keywords and Hashtags to Your Bio

You want to add relevant keywords to your bio on every platform, particularly those that highlight your skills and experience. But, on platforms like Twitter, don’t forget to add some applicable hashtags too, as hiring managers and recruiters may use them to find top talent.

By following the tips above, you can increase your chances of finding a job through social media.

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