How Can a Lack of Sleep Ruin Your Productivity Levels at Work?

Whether you work in a traditional office environment, outside in the elements, or landed one of the coveted Lubrizol jobs, you likely maintain a fairly fast-paced lifestyle. Most professionals feel pushed to the brink as they try to balance their work, family obligations, household responsibilities, and all of the other tasks that simply have to be handled during the day.

Generally, when someone is pressed for time, one of the seemingly easiest solutions is to forgo some sleep in favor of getting things done. But, not getting enough rest can harm your productivity levels, hurting your performance at work and stymying you as you try to make it through the day.

If you think that a lack of sleep isn’t a big deal, here’s what you need to know.

You’ll Work Slower

If you’re sleep-deprived, your ability to concentrate is affected. The lack of focus means you have to try harder to get tasks done, and it will typically take you more time than average to complete your work. Additionally, you may be less accurate when completing your duties, which can be incredibly troublesome for detail-oriented tasks.

Overall, it will take you longer to get through your activities and, if you work a set number of hours, that can mean you get less done than you normally would, lowering your level of productivity.

You’ll Have Trouble Learning New Things

The effect on concentration, along with a lowered ability to retain information, means you will have trouble learning new skills or processes if you haven’t gotten enough sleep. This is especially relevant if you have taken on additional duties or if you are faced with something with which you aren’t already familiar.

But, if you don’t deprive yourself of sleep, your ability to learn and retain new information stabilizes, making it easier to take on new duties or pick up new skills.

Distractions Will be a Bigger Challenge

Every workplace comes with distractions. Whether it is your coworker chatting on the phone nearby, a standup meeting just feet from your workstation, or any other random sight or sound, when you’re sleep deprived, these things are harder to ignore. Since you don’t have the same ability to focus, you may have trouble blocking out the activities happening around you that wouldn’t otherwise draw your attention, making it harder to concentrate on the task at hand.

Well-rested individuals are better equipped to ignore distractions, ensuring that anything occurring around them doesn’t negatively impact their ability to work.

You’ll Use More Sick Days

People who aren’t getting enough sleep are more likely to use their sick days. Whether it is simply because they are too tired to go to work or the lack of sleep impacts their immune system, frequently forgoing shut-eye may have you calling in more often, and that dramatically impacts productivity.

In contrast, those who aren’t sleep deprived usually don’t need to call in sick as often, ensuring you can be on site for your shift and managing your tasks as required.

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