Creative Interview Questions to Help You Better Screen Potential New Hires

An interview is a fact-finding mission, and you want to gather as much pertinent information as possible in a relatively short time. While certain tried-and-true questions are undoubtedly valuable, many candidates rehearse their answers for standard inquiries, ensuring they are as poised and thorough as possible.

By asking original interview questions, you can learn how job seekers think on their feet and may discover details that otherwise wouldn’t have been covered. This allows you to achieve Par Excellence Advanced Hiring Solutions-level results with greater ease. To help you get started, here are a few creative interview questions that will enable you to better screen potential new hires.

What Are Three Things I Don’t Know About You?

This question provides a significant amount of opportunity for both you and the candidate. First, when asked towards the end of the interview, it gives them a chance to touch on points that weren’t covered by your standard inquiries. Second, the flexibility of the question allows job seekers to discuss aspects of their personal lives, if they choose, which can give you greater insight into who they are as a person. All of this can be incredibly beneficial, as you are nearly guaranteed to learn something new.

If You Get This Job, What Would You Want to Do Next?

If you want to learn more about a candidate’s goals or aspirations, this is a great way to get that conversation started. This allows the interviewee to discuss where they would like to ultimately end up as well as how they see the particular role fitting into that plan.

It can also reveal if the person’s long-term objects don’t align with the position, which can be an indication that they aren’t particularly interested in the work involved. Either way, you’ll gain valuable information about the candidate which can help you make a better hiring decision.

As Your Potential Manager, What About Me Do You Think You Won’t Like?

While this seems like it is opening you up to criticism, it actually serves as a method for learning about the candidate’s preferred management style, and what approaches will ultimately drive them crazy. This is essential because a lot of a person’s success is based on how they feel in the environment, and having a manager that meets their needs plays a substantial role in that regard.

Some of the responses may not be fun to hear, but you’ll likely get an answer that gives you an indication of whether your management style and the candidate’s preferences mesh, an important point if you are hoping to keep the employee for the long-term.

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