How to Prevent Back Injury Regardless of Job Description

Anything from repetitive movement, heavy lifting, and even sitting at a desk or workstation all day can result in back injuries while on the job. The pain can simply be an annoyance, making it hard to concentrate as you work through tasks, or a sign of a serious problem that requires medical intervention.

Whether you are working in your ideal position or seeking a new job through one of the top temp agencies in Cleveland, Ohio, knowing how to prevent back injuries regardless of the work you do can help ensure your long-term health and comfort. Here are some tips to make keeping your back healthy easier than ever.

Focus on Proper Posture

Whether you remain seated all day or spend your shift on your feet, posture plays a big role in any back pain you may experience. If you lean to one side or the other, you curve your spine, and that can cause discomfort and even permanent changes to the structure of your back.

To help prevent these sorts of injuries, work to keep your spine straight at all times. This includes standing with your weight distributed evenly between your feet or adjusting your chair so that your feet rest flat and your thighs remain parallel to the floor. When seated, you may also want to remove items from your back pocket, like wallets or smartphones, that can create uneven pressure and tip your pelvis to the side.

Lift with Your Legs

When picking up any object, regardless of the weight, it’s always wise to use the proper technique. When you reach down, make sure to bend your legs so that they can do the bulk of the work. Keep your core muscles tight and hold the item close to your body. Be aware of the natural curve of your spine and work to maintain it as you lift. Also, never twist while in the process of lifting. Instead, reach an upright position and then use your feet to turn your entire body to change directions.

Improper lifting techniques can lead to anything from simple strains to serious injuries, like bulged disks. By using the right method, you can lower your risk of sustaining such injuries.

Be Mindful of Repetitive Tasks

Repetition can lead to back pain and injury as the muscles become overworked and fatigued. One of the easiest ways to avoid such difficulties is to divide up your work so that you don’t spend too much continuous time making a single motion. This can include shifting between assignments that require the use of different muscles or timing your breaks to provide you with an opportunity to stretch and move around.

If you must manage one task for a significant amount of time, try to explore alternate methods for completing the work. Small positional changes or adjustments to your technique may be sufficient when the goal is to avoid repetitive motion injuries.

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