Three Ways to Start Hiring the Innovators Your Company Deserves

Few people are going to self-identify as an innovator during an interview or on their application, making it especially difficult to identify these gems from the rest of the pack. Whether you manage your own hiring or use one of the best temp agencies in Mentor, Ohio, there are techniques that can help you locate and hire the innovators your company needs and deserves. Here are three ways you can get started.

Spot Hints on Resumes and Cover Letters

While a true innovator isn’t likely going to identify themselves directly as such, they are more inclined to use certain language on the resumes and cover letters. For example, those who consider themselves risk-takers and creative-thinkers may have the mindset necessary to support innovation. Additionally, people who speak about skills in the area of collaboration, a penchant for exploration, or anyone who discusses previous breakthroughs may also be strong candidates.

All of the above phrases indicate a person is able to determine problems and is willing to work for a resolution which can be a strong indication of innovative thinking.

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Examine LinkedIn Profiles and Portfolios

In many cases, a candidate is going to showcase their proudest achievements on social media and in their portfolios, and innovators are certainly no exception. Review the job seekers accounts or application supplements to see if you can spot projects where they exhibited creativity when creating a solution or moving a project forward. If you see a genuinely unique idea or perspective, the applicant is almost certainly an innovative thinker, and will likely achieve similar results in their future endeavors.

Interview with Intention

If you want to identify innovators during an interview, you need to ask the right questions. Have the candidate discuss instances where they had to correct issues in various processes or find solutions to complex problems. You can also have them discuss their vision for the future, either in the industry or in context of the position to which they are applying, to see how their thought processes work and if they possess the right traits.

Ultimately, innovative thinkers tend to be highly creative and future-oriented. They aren’t afraid when faced with challenges and enjoy finding unique solutions to help achieve the desired results. While most people won’t self-identify as an innovator, it is possible to sort them from the rest of the crowd by using the tips above, allowing you to get the ideal person for your open positions that can help you keep your company moving forward.

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