Are you employees on Facebook during the day? And is it killing their productivity?

The use of social media has grown to staggering proportions. There are 1.7 billion users on Facebook as of most recent statistics. Much of the time spent on Facebook happens during the workday, as employees habitually check their updates and news this way. But, what can you do if your employees are becoming so distracted by Facebook that they are getting less productive and ignoring their colleagues? An intervention may be necessary.

Staffing agencies in Cleveland Ohio hear about companies all the time that have problems with social media’s impact on employee productivity. It’s easy for employees, even temps, to get involved in hours of interaction with people on Facebook. It’s even easier for them to get into arguments and otherwise negative activities on there too.

What are the signs that employees are being negatively affected by Facebook?

  • Employees carry their mobile phones with them everywhere, checking Facebook even during meetings.
  • An employee withdraws from the rest of the team and instead focuses on Facebook.
  • All an employee can talk about all the time is what he or she read on Facebook recently.
  • Work tasks and deadlines take a backseat to Facebook updates and conversations.
  • You get notices that an employee is posting to Facebook at all hours of the night.

These can be real problem areas because the employee is getting more than a little obsessed with Facebook and all that happens there. This is where having a social media policy at work counts.

Here’s what you need to do to stop employees from letting Facebook take over their lives:

  1. Make it a policy that all mobile phones must be switched off and put away during meetings and peak work hours. Allow check-ins on work breaks only.
  2. Monitor employee activities on company desktop computers and notify them if they are spending too much time engaged in Facebook and other non-work related activities.
  3. Provide employees with stimulating work projects so that they don’t get bored enough to sneak into their Facebook accounts at work.

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