These 5 Apps can Help by Improving Employee Performance

On the minds of most human resource pros and floor managers is the need for improving employee performance. When employees are working at their peak, statistically, it means they are producing more and the company profits. The good news is that technology has made it possible to become more productive than ever before, with the introduction of mobile apps that help increase team results. Here are 5 apps that can help your business by improving employee performance and time management.

When I Work

A fun scheduling app, When I Work creates a cloud-based schedule that aids employees with remaining connected to their team schedules. Perfect for remote teams and those on-the-go folks, When I Work features an intuitive and simple interface for assigning schedules, time off, and more. Employees can even self-schedule when their colleagues indicate they will be away and a mobile alert is sent out.


Communication is the key to a productive workforce and HipChat is the app that helps make this happen. A team chat tool that allows for file sharing and project updates, users can engage in video calls and screen shares to collaborate on tasks. Employees can be assigned to multiple projects and participate in all the chats, which are recorded for future reference.


Being able to measure the output of employees is a vital part of increasing productivity. The Weekdone app provides data-rich reports on a daily and weekly basis. To encourage all employees, they can share their progress, overcome obstacles, and make plans all with peer support.


For employees who tend to be overwhelmed, Trello app is a great way to manage multiple tasks and projects across the team. Visual ‘Cards’ are created for each task, and then employees can be assigned to them, post notes, share files, and more. The cards can be moved around as priorities change, and they are perfect for visually stimulated employees.


Lists can be an easy way to keep track of tasks that must be done, but paper lists can easily get lost. Wunderlist is an app that puts this on a mobile device or desktop to create protected and shareable lists. Make sure your employees are using this to track their progress each day.

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