Improving Daily Productivity Starts with a Well-Balanced Breakfast

Did you know that people who skip breakfast on a regular basis are more prone to gain weight, feel sluggish, and be less productive at work? According to Precision Nutrition, “Nearly 90% of Americans acknowledge that breakfast is a good idea, still, about half don’t eat it.” Why is this? Maybe it’s because too many working people are trying to juggle work and life, so eating a breakfast often takes a backburner to other duties.

However, there are ways to improve your daily productivity, improve your health, and boost energy levels so you can accomplish more in each day. Here are some ideas for adding a well-balanced breakfast to your morning routine.

Grab Some Fruit or a Smoothie

If you think ahead, it’s possible to always have healthy breakfast options you can grab on your way out the door each morning. Buy some fresh fruit each week at the market and keep some in a bowl near the front door. Or make some fruit smoothies ahead of time and keep in your fridge. You can pour some in a travel mug and sip it in the car on your commute.

Keep Healthy Options at the Office

If you don’t have time to grab breakfast or you forget to bring something with you, why not set up a snack station at your work desk? Bring in granola cereal, fruit, and some other non-perishables to eat breakfast when you can.

Try Protein to Start the Day Strong

One of the worst things you can do is indulge on carbs first thing in the morning – which will leave you sluggish well before lunch. Instead, opt for a protein such as a boiled egg, a cheese stick, or some wrapped lunch meat in a whole-grain tortilla.

Avoid Caffeine, Try Green Tea

Coffee is a major addiction with many, with people spending a ton on their favorite coffees every morning. But, there are debates over the health of this habit. Instead, switch to a cup of green tea each day. Its natural anti-oxidants helps to clear the body of toxins and improve your overall energy all day.

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