Improve Your Employee Performance Reviews with These Four Steps

No one really enjoys performance reviews. However, it is up to the HR professional to regularly review the performance and goals of all employees to ensure that they are meeting human capital objectives. Fortunately, there are ways to make the performance review process much more pleasant and effective to improve your overall strategy. Read on to learn 4 ways to make your performance review is much more effective and meaningful to your company.

For Steps to Improve Your Employee Performance Reviews

Make Performance Reviews Easy

Performance reviews do not need to be complicated or tedious to complete. Having a simple method for measuring the performance of each employee can be as simple as a 1 to 5 rating system. Create your five key objectives for each employee’s performance. This can be a mix of soft skills and job-related skills. Put them in order of priority on a spreadsheet and use this to measure each employee’s progress throughout their career history.

Conduct Performance Reviews Regularly

It’s also easier to manage employee performance reviews and make them more meaningful when they are conducted on a regular basis. Scrap the once-a-year review and instead go for a quarterly review process. Pull your team members out each quarter and conduct a brief 30-minute performance review meeting with each individual. You will find that this keeps employees on task and it’s easier to track their progress.

Set Reasonable and Attainable Goals

In order to make performance reviews effective, they must be directly related to each person’s unique role within the organization. Therefore, work with each employee to establish specific career goals that meet both their professional and performance metrics. Make sure goals are attainable within a certain amount of time and each employee has the support needed to meet their goals in a reasonable manner.

Give Employees a Chance to Self-Evaluate

Save time and make employees accountable for their performance by having them self-evaluate before every performance review session. Give them the same rating list that you will fill out and have them create a review for themselves, adding any notes where they are struggling or need extra support. Give employees a chance to share some of their achievements in writing so that you can praise them during the review.

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