Do You Love Your Job? If Not…What Can You Do to Fix That?

Have you lost that loving feeling where your job is concerned? You are not alone. Some 70 percent of the adult workforce is disconnected and disengaged from their jobs…according to research from Gallup Poll. Chances are, there were things about your job that you were thrilled about when you started, but now they have faded and you no longer look forward to going to the office each day. Is there any hope?

The good news is that you can revitalize your job, if it happens to meet one or more of these categories:

  • It’s a job in the industry you love
  • The job pays fairly for the tasks you perform
  • There is opportunity for career growth
  • Your supervisor or the leadership treat you well

There are a few steps you can take to make things better in your job. First, you must appreciate that you have a job in the industry of your choice. There are many who are trying to get into your type of career. Second, if you have a good relationship with your supervisor, it’s possible to have a meeting to discuss how it can be improved. For example, you can talk about some of the talents you have that are going unused, and how you can take on some new projects or responsibilities to use these talents. A good attitude and an open mind go a long way towards making your present job better.

Now, there are also situations where you cannot salvage a job. These include:

  • A job that doesn’t pay well or you have not had a raise in years
  • Your supervisor treats you badly or you don’t get any respect from peers
  • The job is a “dead end” role in an industry you are not happy about

These are the types of jobs that you may not want to invest the time into improving because they are things out of your control as an employee. Instead, find a better job by working through a Willoughby, Ohio staffing agency. Get some training in a new area and focus on the industry you are most passionate about.

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