How Can You Make More Money in 2016?

In a perfect world, every working person would be paid fairly for his or her efforts. But, in reality some careers pay better than others, and they don’t really make sense. For example, a child care worker earns on average around $16-20K per year, while a pro football player earns $1.9 million in a year. (Source: Doesn’t really seem fair does it?

Right now, you are probably wondering how you can earn more money this year. After all, you’ve got bills to pay and you’d like to take a vacation at least once a year. Before you go marching into your boss’s office to demand a raise, here are some expert tips for making more money in 2016:

Focus on Growth Opportunities

Within your current organization, there are bound to be some ways to grow as a professional, which means a chance to earn more. Talk with your supervisor about ways you can take on new responsibilities, try some more challenging projects, or work with a mentor leader in your company. Your boss may have some ideas for how you can increase your earnings through sales efforts by bringing in new business, for example.

Learn New Marketable Skills

In today’s job market, it’s really about the skills you have that can help elevate your earnings. If you can learn some new skills in your current industry, or if you have your eye on a new leadership role – then getting some targeted training can help a lot. Be sure you let your supervisor know you are trying to improve your value to the company, so this can be considered during your annual performance review.

Earn a Degree or Industry Certifications

The ultimate way to elevate your earnings potential is to head back to school to earn a degree that’s relevant to your career goals. You can also work with the college advisor to identify a new career path that pays more. If you don’t have time or the means to go to college, then consider earning an industry certification by taking online classes. It won’t take long and you can use this to seek a higher salary.

Take on a New Temp-to-Perm Assignment

You can also start earning more by working with a staffing agency in your industry that can place you in a better job. Recruiters can help negotiate a higher starting salary and benefits for you. This is a good way to try a new job before you commit to a complete career shift too.