Preparing for Cold and Flu Season | 5 Tips to Keeping Your Workplace Healthy

Cold and flu season is right around the corner in Columbus, Ohio, which means that you need to make sure your workplace is safe for your employees. Reducing illnesses can help maintain production levels and raise employee morale. This can mean making the workplace as germ-free as possible. It can be a difficult thing to do, especially if your employees do not take initiative to stay healthy.

This week, we will discuss five tips to keeping your workplace healthy in preparation for cold and flu season.

Encourage Sick Days

This may seem counterproductive, but an excellent way to keep your workplace healthy during the cold and flu season is by encouraging the use of sick days. Some workplaces frown upon employees using sick days. Make sure this is not part of the culture at your office. Instead, encourage employees to stay home when they are sick, even if they have a presentation that day. If their children are sick, tell them to stay home then as well because they will more than likely be carrying some germs.

Offer Flu Shots

If your company cannot afford to provide flu shots to its employees each year, make sure it is encouraged that they use their health insurance to go to their primary physician to get a flu shot. Some companies provide flu shots each year to their employees and immediate family members from their household. Others give them just to employees. And others make it known that flu shots are encouraged with posters and other email notices.

Hand Sanitizing Stations and Soap is a Must

It does not cost much to add a couple of hand sanitizing stations throughout the office and ensure that all soap dispensers are full around the clock in the bathrooms, break room and cafeteria. When employees come across hand sanitizing stations they will likely use them. Get them in your office immediately.

Schedule Extra Office Cleanings

Almost every company has a cleaning crew that comes in once per day or multiple times per week to vacuum, empty trash cans, clean the bathrooms and much more. You can really fight the cold and flu germs this year by scheduling some extra office cleanings. Have the crew clean rugs, countertops and anything hands touch.

Install Hands-Free Appliances

More and more public bathrooms have hands-free appliances in them. Consider adding these to your bathrooms and break room at work. Install hands-free paper towel dispensers, toilets, sinks, soap dispensers and hand sanitizing stations. This can help to slow down the spread of cold and flu germs at the office.

Stopping the cold and flu from hitting your office is impossible to do, unless the entire company worked from home during this season. Follow the tips outlined above and you should slow down the spread of these germs immensely.