4 Essential Reasons to Have a Career Mentor

It’s been said that the more you invest in yourself early on in a career, the more successful you will become. Whether you are at the very beginning of a new career or you are mid-career looking to make improvements, a career mentor can be a positive move. Why is it important to have a career mentor? Here are some good reasons.

A career mentor can guide you along rocky paths

One of the biggest reasons your career depends on a mentor is because any career can get into trouble from time to time. New challenges arise that require the expertise of a more seasoned individual. Getting a mentor now means you can be viewed as more knowledgeable by your peers who will respect you for getting the right information.

Career mentors can connect you with the right networks

Want to get in front of the real influencers in your market? Fast track your networking with a career mentor! Your mentor will likely be well-connected to others in the industry you want to be involved in, and you can tap into this market by being introduced by your mentor to the best circles.

A good career mentor will tell you the truth about the industry

Instead of spending years trying to figure out if a new career path is a good fit for you or not, get in touch with a career mentor now and find out the truth. Learn about the opportunities, the steps you need to take to advance, and if there are certain positives and negatives of the career itself.

A mentor can hold you accountable for your career decisions

Mentors are people who can not only share insight about the career, but whom can hold you accountable for the decisions you make. This alone can propel you to greater levels of achievement. And when you reach a career milestone, your mentor can celebrate with you.

Who makes a good mentor? Seek out a seasoned professional in your field of interest who has the following characteristics:

  • At least 5-10 years in a similar career or position as the one you are headed for
  • A thought leader who often shares ideas and advice to others
  • Someone who is well-connected to peers in your chosen career path
  • Flexibility and availability when you need to make a quick decision or need support

In the future, you will want to extend the same courtesy by being a career mentor to another up-and-coming professional in your field.