Assessing Your Day: How to Evaluate If You Had a GREAT Day at Work 

If you asked a dozen professionals what a great day at work looks like, not everyone could give a clear answer. The concept is a bit ambiguous and incredibly subjective. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to tell if professionals had amazing days in their jobs in Wickliffe, Ohio. By asking the right questions, anyone can assess their day. If you want to evaluate if you had a great day at work, here are some questions you can ask yourself. 

Did I Handle All of My Duties? 

In most cases, this is an easy question to answer. If you met all of your deadlines for the day, tackled the to-do list you set out, or otherwise handled what you intended to, then the answer is “yes.” That’s a big indication that you had a good, if not great day at work. You accomplished your goal and met or exceeded expectations, so it’s an excellent start. 

If you work in a production environment, you may want to adjust the question slightly. For example, “Did I meet or exceed my daily production goals?” might be a better choice. 

Did I Get Distracted? 

While no one can stay completely focused for an entire workday, examining how often you were distracted is still a smart move. It lets you gauge your level of engagement, for one. For another, you can determine if you were fully productive and efficient. 

When engagement was high, and your distractibility was low, odds are in your favor that it was a great day at work. You were able to stay focused, likely leading to higher productivity and work quality. 

If distractions were an issue, then it’s wise to consider possible underlying causes. For example, do you need to turn off smartphone notifications so that you can stay focused? By reflecting on what occurred, you may be able to identify options that increase the odds that you’ll be at your best, which could lead to more great days at work. 

Was I a Positive Influence? 

Every employee impacts their team’s and their workplace’s culture. When everyone treats each other with respect and professionalism, the environment is usually enhanced. It creates a better workplace that everyone can enjoy. 

By reflecting on whether you were a positive (or at least a neutral) influence, you can determine the nature of your outward attitude. If it was positive, that’s another sign that your workday was great. 

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