When and HOW to Ask for More Work to Take on New Responsibilities

At some point in your career, you’ll likely consider asking for more responsibility at work. Your goal may be to take on more engaging duties, enhancing your skills, improve your resume before searching for new jobs in Cleveland, Ohio, or landing an internal promotion. 

Whatever the reason, figuring out when and how to ask for new responsibilities can be challenging. If you want to make sure the time is right and that you approach the conversation properly, here’s what you need to know. 

When to Ask for More Work 

First and foremost, you should only ask for more if you have the ability to add to your workload without sacrificing the quality of your outputs. Increasing your workload isn’t a great idea if it’s going to leave you struggling to keep up, so don’t request new responsibilities if handling them isn’t realistic. 

Second, you want to essentially be at the top of your game before you make the request. If you aren’t exceeding expectations almost all of the time and your skill level isn’t on point, then work to improve before you make the request. 

Finally, make sure that you can demonstrate how your request benefits your manager or the company as a whole. While your motives for asking for new responsibilities might be your own, you need to show that it’s in your manager’s or the company’s best interest to say yes. Without a strong value proposition, you might not succeed in getting additional duties. 

How to Ask for New Responsibilities 

If you want more responsibility at work, you need to have a discussion with your direct manager. Schedule a meeting so that you can have a conversation about your current performance, career goals, and your future with the organization. 

Before you head to the meeting, consider exactly what kinds of responsibilities are worth targeting. While you want them to benefit you, it’s critical that you be able to present a sound value proposition that showcases how you take on the work also helps your team and the company. Essentially, you want to be able to discuss a clear win-win, increasing the odds your manager will say yes. 

However, if your manager declines to give you new responsibilities, that doesn’t mean you need to end the conversation. Instead, ask what you can do to start moving in that direction. Find out if you need to develop certain skills or improve in specific areas. That way, you can create an action plan that leads you toward your goal. 

Are You Looking for New Responsibilities and Think a New Job is the Answer? 

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