How Can You Create a Workplace Environment That Welcomes Strategic Thinking?

While every manager knows that strategic thinking is critical to the success of any company, the term itself can be somewhat ambiguous. Defining the phrase is challenging enough, but taking the right steps to promote the concept in the workplace can be even more difficult, especially if you are dealing with a substantial workload and juggling other responsibilities.

However, being more strategic doesn’t have to be a cumbersome task. Everything from finding better hires to aligning your activities with larger company goals can qualify. If you are ready to create a workplace environment that welcomes strategic thinking, here’s how to get started.

Look for Problem Patterns

When you want to embrace strategic thinking with your team, one easy way to begin is to identify any issues that seem to come up repeatedly. Problem patterns indicate that there is a fundamental issue with a process, policy, or approach, making the issue an ideal target for future change.

By inviting your entire team to take part in the discussion, you promote strategic thinking as a means of finding workable solutions that can benefit the organization. Allow everyone to introduce topics and provide input, creating an open dialog.

Keep the conversation free of negative judgments if you want the discussion to remain productive. Additionally, by requesting input from everyone and staying open-minded, you create a culture where idea sharing is welcome.

Reach Out Beyond Your Team

If another workgroup or department can provide insight into an issue or may benefit from finding a solution to a particular problem, invite them to discuss their thoughts on the topic. Other leaders in your organization may be able to offer valuable insights and a different perspective, leading to ideas that may have otherwise been missed.

You can also reach out to leaders in other organizations that operate in your industry. Many companies may be struggling with the same problem, allowing you to work together to find meaningful solutions. In some cases, another business may already have the answer you are trying to find and can provide guidance that can help you make headway faster.

Understand Your Value

Each department in an organization functions as subject-matter experts based on their field of expertise. By recognizing the value you and your team provide, as well as your unique position in the company, you can focus on your distinctive contributions and how your cumulative performance can be improved to serve the business better.

By recognizing how your team fits into the larger picture, you can create paths that allow you to provide additional value to the organization, particularly if you focus on the company’s primary goals and what defines success.

Ultimately, by having the proper perspective, inviting open and honest dialog, and involving your entire team, other departments, and even additional companies, you can create a workplace environment that welcomes strategic thinking.

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