Feeling Overwhelmed? Indulge Yourself Before Your Workday Starts

Scores of professionals feel overwhelmed on a daily basis. After all, it can be difficult juggling a range or work obligations on top of maintaining your home life.

Luckily, there are things you can do to relieve some of the pressure, and it only takes a few minutes each morning to get started.

Whether you’re struggling to find Solon jobs, are overtasked in your current role, or having trouble finding work/life balance, here are some ways you can indulge yourself before your workday starts, so you can feel less overwhelmed.

Don’t Jump Straight into Work

In today’s overly connected world, many professionals have access to their work email either through their smartphone or home computer. Similarly, some may receive text messages or voicemails from managers or coworkers during off-hours, allowing their work life to impact their personal one.

When you get up in the morning, resist the urge to start scrolling through your work emails or text messages. Instead, give yourself a chance to start the day first, ensuring you have an opportunity to focus and refresh your mind before you let work creep in.

Have Some “Me Time”

Taking a quiet moment for yourself, no matter how brief, can help you fight stress, allowing you to be better prepared for the day. Anything from a quick meditation session, a solo walk around the block, or an uninterrupted cup of coffee can count.

Taking some “me time” gives you a chance to center and ground yourself, releasing stress and making daily tasks feel more manageable. Even five minutes can make a difference, so try to work this moment into your daily routine.

Have a Real Breakfast

Many busy professionals rush through breakfast, grab something for the road, or skip this important meal entirely. Instead of sacrificing your nutrition, and a powerful source of energy you’ll need to be a top performer, commit to having a real breakfast every day.

Try to work some protein into your morning meal for lasting energy and make sure it is substantial enough to leave you satisfied until lunch, or at least in a position where you can resist unhealthy snacks before your next meal.

Squeeze in Some Exercise

Exercise releases a range of feel-good chemicals in the brain while helping us stay physically fit. Even short 10-minute sessions of exercise can have significant benefits, so consider adding a workout to your morning routine. If you have any health concerns, speak with your doctor to see what kind of exercise may be right for you.

Review Your Goals

When the day-to-day is overwhelming, it’s easy to lose sight as to why you are giving it your all. By taking a few minutes to think about your long-term goals, you can remind yourself why these daily activities are important to the big picture, giving you a new source of motivation and a sense of perspective.

Are You Ready for a New Job?

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