Question: We Made a Bad Hiring Decision, Now What?

It happens in nearly every company; you thought you brought in the right person to fill a vacancy, only to discover you were wrong. Maybe they don’t actually have the right skills or don’t match with your company’s culture. Maybe they seemed reliable during the interview but turned out to be less so in reality.

While no one makes a bad hiring decision on purpose, it is a situation that needs to be handled quickly and with the utmost care. Before you reach out to the reputable temp agencies in Willoughby for a new candidate, here’s what you need to do.

Consider a Transition

If the person is a solid worker in general but isn’t ideal for that particular job, one method for addressing the situation is to transition the employee into a different role.

While this relies on there being a suitable vacancy for them, it can give you an option that doesn’t involve termination. Effectively, you can provide the person with a second chance at success.

However, this approach is only practical if the new hire has the potential to work out in another position. If they have proven themselves unreliable or a poor fit for the company’s culture, you could just be shifting a problem from one place to the next, leaving you with issues you’ll inevitably have to deal with in the future.


In some cases, it’s wise to simply end the relationship and terminate the employee as quickly as possible. If the issues you are experiencing aren’t likely to resolve, then this can be the best approach, even if it is difficult.

By terminating the employee, you have the ability to move forward, seeking out a new candidate that will better meet your needs.

Before you make that call, make sure that all problem behaviors are properly documented and that the points have been discussed with the new hire. Additionally, if the capacity for quick improvement exists, continue giving them a chance to meet your expectations.

However, if the issue would likely be irresolvable, document the problem and move forward swiftly in accordance with local and federal employment law.

Update Your Procedures

At times, a bad hire makes their way in because of a hole in your hiring or screening practices, or because time constraints led you to rush. Often, by revamping your procedures, you can reduce the chances of a bad hire happening again.

One method for ensuring that your hiring practices are robust is to partner with an area staffing firm that has a reputation for referring great candidates. Often, recruitment agencies have thorough screening processes, ensuring that any recommended job seeker has the potential to meet your needs. Plus, their methods are quick and efficient, saving you time when speed is of the essence.

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