3 Reasons to Partner with Vector Technical Inc., The Recruiting Specialist of Choice in Cleveland Ohio

Vector Technical Inc. is one of the leading staffing agencies in the Cleveland, Ohio area. We’ve been serving clients for many years and providing them with quality and reliable staff. If you have never worked with a staffing agency before, it’s likely that you have many questions. We understand. Take the time to review some of the benefits that we offer our clientele in the technical and manufacturing industries. And how we make it easy for a companies in the Cleveland area to grow and prosper.

Reasons to Partner with Vector Technical Inc., – The Recruiting Specialists of Choice in Cleveland Ohio

Complete Skills and Background Checks of ALL Employees

We use a system called The PAR Excellence Process, which is an advanced hiring process that takes the guesswork out of candidate evaluation. To ensure you get the best-fit candidates, our objective, performance-based evaluation process includes:

  • Developing a detailed position profile for every job order
  • Benchmarking your current high achievers
  • Aggressive recruiting to maximize access to talent
  • In-depth assessment testing and behavioral interviews
  • Background and reference checking for all candidates

Flexible, Affordable Staffing Options

As your business grows, or you experience peak seasons, we work with you to provide flexible staffing services that help you maintain a reasonable staffing budget. From one-time temps to cover daily needs, to long term solutions – we have adaptable staffing options to choose from. We can even handle many of the upfront administrative and costs of sourcing and screening candidates, including initial interviews and reference checks. We even have vendor on premise services for seasonal and ongoing high turnover placement. If you get a temporary employee that doesn’t meet your expectations, simply request a replacement.

Large Pool of Top Talent in the Region

While other companies are struggling to find great STEM talent, you won’t have to worry because you can take advantage of our large talent pool of technical talent in the Cleveland and surrounding areas. No more searching for months to find the perfect employees – get skilled talent in days!

Are You Looking to Grow Your Workforce?

Vector Technical Inc., is here to help Cleveland area employers improve retention and reduce hiring costs by providing the right person, the first time.If you are looking to hire top talent, request an employee today!