Onboarding Tips and Strategies for New Employees

Studies have shown that when employees are onboarded in a structured process, they tend to stay with the company for longer periods of time and they are able to ramp up to productivity sooner. If this is the case, then why do so many employers fail to institute onboarding programs that make employees feel welcome from day one?

There is a growing emphasis on the employee experience with companies today. And that is because companies are trying to make the best first impression on employees so that they have a successful first few months on the job. This is a lasting impression that will take them through the life of their career.

If your company is working on improving the onboarding process, one of the first areas you can focus on is how to easily integrate new hires into your team by making them feel welcome. Here are some tips.

Have all materials and resources available to your new hires before they start.

There’s nothing more frustrating than starting a new job and then quickly realizing you don’t have access to all the tools and resources you need to do your job. For example, computer login credentials, office supplies, a corporate t-shirt, and an assigned workstation are all critical to making a good first impression on employees and helping them to feel welcome.

Special attention paid to the new hire.

A great way to make employees feel welcome on their first few days on the job is to have a team member meet them and walk with them to the orientation, and then later introduce them formally to the team in a special meeting. Let the new hire introduce him or herself to the group and then encourage others to share a little bit of background on themselves as well.

Schedule a group activity.

As soon as you can to the new hires first day of employment, schedule a group lunch with all of your teammates including the new hire. You can either have it catered and enjoy lunch in a meeting room or take it off site to a local restaurant where you can be more casual. This encourages more dialogue between the new hire and your other employees.

Have a member of management stop by.

When employees know how important they are to the company they tend to feel a lot more welcome from the start. Have a member of your executive management team stop by the new hire’s desk to introduce himself and find out a little bit more about the employee. This helps the employee to feel like he or she is valued and recognized and not just a number.

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