3 Ways to Make the Most Out of a Slow Day at Work

The clock seems to tick slower and slower as you sit at your desk and watch the hands move. “Only 6 more work hours to go”, you whisper to yourself. All your work tasks are completed for the day and you cannot wait to get out of there because things have suddenly become dull as the hours drag on. What can you do to make the most of this day?

Do a Little Housekeeping

Over the last few weeks, your desk has probably accumulated more than its share of dust, coffee spills, and clutter. Grab a handful of towels and some desk cleanser and go to town. Offer to wipe down your peer’s desks too while you are at it. Don’t forget computer monitors, phone handsets, and chair backs. Organize your desk, toss out or file stuff that doesn’t belong there, and start fresh.

Ask if Anyone Else Needs Support

Head on over to your boss’s desk and find out if there is any overflow work available, if there is a temp you can train, or if one of your colleagues could use a little help for a few hours working on some tasks. You’d be surprised at how many times people just don’t ask for help when they need it. You may even be able to head over to another department and lend a hand.

Do Some Learning

If your work arrangements allow, get registered for a webinar today. Or review some of your workplace training materials. Review industry associations and educational platforms like Udemy for learning opportunities online, many of which are free or low cost. Check into a certification program, which may teach you some new work related skills you can use.

By participating in the above activities, you will breeze through the slow periods in any job.

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