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Three Ways to Train Your Managers to Create a Retention-Friendly Work Environment

Everyone’s heard the adage that professionals don’t quit their jobs; they quit their managers. Often, company leaders have a profound impact on a company’s culture, and how they act and their attitudes play a big role in employee satisfaction. Luckily, it is possible to train any manager on how to create a retention-friendly environment. Whether… Read More »

Employee Appreciation Ideas to Help You Prepare for Thanksgiving

Employee Appreciation for Thanksgiving | Vector Technical Inc

Thanksgiving is getting closer every day. While many managers consider the holiday to be a perfect time to showcase their gratitude for their friends and family, it’s also an excellent time for employee appreciation. By recognizing your workforce, you create a positive environment, increase motivation, and enhance job satisfaction. If you want to show your… Read More »

Six Reasons to Hire an Under-Qualified Employee and Train Them to Be an All-Star

Many hiring managers automatically discount under qualified candidates. However, these professionals can actually be an amazing hiring opportunity, giving you the ability to train them into becoming the kind of all-star you need. Whether you handle your own hiring or work with staffing agencies in Wickliffe, Ohio, here are six times when hiring an under-qualified… Read More »

The Key to Creating Real Opportunities for Career Development Among Your Team

Nearly all professionals seek out opportunities to further their career, including permanent employees and temporary workers on assignment through staffing firms in Cleveland, Ohio. Plus, companies also benefit when their teams improve their skills or add new ones to their repertoire. Often, additional skills allow employees to be more productive and capable, ensuring work can… Read More »

Three Ways to Help Employees Find Meaning at Work

When it comes to engagement and productivity, companies should never underestimate the power of meaningful work. When professionals feel that their contributions make a difference beyond impacting the company’s bottom line, they are often more adept at facing challenges thanks to the intrinsic reward of being part of something greater than themselves.  The concept doesn’t… Read More »

How to Hire Quickly While Still Hiring Effectively

When you have a vacant position, getting it filled is as quick as possible is typically a priority. After all, an open job means your team may be shorthanded or could hinder overall productivity and profitability.  Even if you want to hire fast, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for a right-fit candidate. Putting a… Read More »

How to Build a Workplace Culture Millennials Love

Your company’s culture has a major impact on retention. Millennials are now the largest part of the active workforce, so failing to meet their expectations and address their needs means your company will struggle to keep them on staff.  Building a workplace culture that Millennials will love sounds daunting, but it doesn’t have to be… Read More »

A Look at the Best Trends on Recognizing Employees for the Success and Achievements

Recognition is a critical component of any company’s culture. Without it, you may struggle to retain your best and brightest employees, as they may feel that their efforts are going unnoticed.  Whether you want to acknowledge the achievements of your permanent team members or accomplishments made by short-term workers you secured through staffing firms in Cleveland,… Read More »

Four Team Builders That Don’t Involve Happy Hour or Alcohol

Having a positive culture can work wonders for productivity and morale. By incorporating some team building exercises into your staff’s schedule, you can help them bond and work more efficiently as a group, making the workplace a happier and higher functioning place. Plus, by including your contingent workers from staffing firms near Euclid, Ohio and… Read More »

The Key to Charting a Path for Younger Managers Within Your Workforce

Younger managers are often future-oriented. They may be wondering what kind of difference they will make in the organization and what steps need to be taken to advance their career. If there are not professional development opportunities at your company, some may even be exploring positions with your competitors that can help them get ahead.… Read More »