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Five Ideas to Improve Staff Attendance

Improving Attendance at Work

When you want to make sure that your permanent employee and temporary workers from staffing agencies in Painesville, Ohio, report to work consistently, it’s wise to take action. Tardiness and absenteeism harm your business.  Not only can attendance problems hinder productivity, but it can also damage morale. Your other employees often become frustrated when a team member is… Read More »

Three Ideas to Spark Creativity in Your Company

Spark Creativity in the Workplace

Creativity is crucial for long-term business success. Often, creativity is at the heart of problem-solving and innovation. Without it, your employees may struggle to find solutions to issues or develop new products or services that allow you to stand out from the competition.  Whether your team is comprised of permanent employees only or also features… Read More »

How to Properly Balance Full and Part Time Employees

When you have a mix of full-time and part-time employees, figuring out how to manage them properly can be a challenge. You need to make sure the right workers are present at the correct times. Otherwise, you might run into difficulties.  Balancing your full-time staff, permanent part-time workers, and full- or part-time team members from staffing… Read More »

How to Keep Your Work Environment Clean During Flu Season

Preventing the spread of the flu virus at work is important. It ensures that as many of your employees as possible stay healthy, and that’s not just critical for them; it’s also essential if you’re going to maintain productivity.  By keeping your work environment clean during the flu season, you can make sure your permanent… Read More »

How to Purposefully Improve Your Company’s Culture

Most business leaders understand the importance of having a positive and strong company culture. However, even if you have the desire to improve yours, the process isn’t always intuitive. Figuring out which steps will benefit your permanent employees, temporary workers from staffing firms in Cleveland, Ohio, leadership team, and company as a whole seems daunting.  Luckily,… Read More »

5 Signs That Lead to a Bad Hire

Whether you are looking for temporary workers through staffing agencies in Solon, Ohio, or a permanent team member on your own, every candidate is going to try and put their best foot forward during the interview. They may focus on their strengths and try to downplay their weaknesses. Job seekers might put on a proverbial mask, trying… Read More »

Three Ways to Train Your Managers to Create a Retention-Friendly Work Environment

Everyone’s heard the adage that professionals don’t quit their jobs; they quit their managers. Often, company leaders have a profound impact on a company’s culture, and how they act and their attitudes play a big role in employee satisfaction. Luckily, it is possible to train any manager on how to create a retention-friendly environment. Whether… Read More »

Employee Appreciation Ideas to Help You Prepare for Thanksgiving

Employee Appreciation for Thanksgiving | Vector Technical Inc

Thanksgiving is getting closer every day. While many managers consider the holiday to be a perfect time to showcase their gratitude for their friends and family, it’s also an excellent time for employee appreciation. By recognizing your workforce, you create a positive environment, increase motivation, and enhance job satisfaction. If you want to show your… Read More »