Common Skills of the Best Leaders: Be Flexible

Many of the world’s greatest leaders have traits in common. By acquiring the same skills that they share, you can enhance your capabilities, ensuring your permanent team members and short-term hires through staffing agencies in Perry, Ohio, get everything they need to excel.

One of those key characteristics is flexibility. If you are wondering why being flexible is so critical, here’s a look at what it allows you to accomplish.

Adapt to the Unexpected

When a leader is rigid, they often have issues rolling with the punches. They might become frustrated when things don’t go to plan or try to force a situation to bend to their will, even if that isn’t reasonable. In the worst-case scenario, this makes difficult circumstances harder to navigate, mainly because the manager isn’t open to going a new route.

In contrast, flexible leaders understand that change is, at times, a necessity. They carefully examine the situation at hand and determine what needs to happen to accommodate the shifting scenario. It makes them particularly adept at dealing with ever-evolving realities, and they are better equipped to guide their team through the unexpected since they aren’t fighting against it.

Adjust Leadership Styles

Motivation is a tricky thing. Every person has different needs and preferences. How they perform is directly impacted by how they are led.

Some managers believe that they should stick to a single management style. They focus on conveying a single image, regardless of whether it is the best approach for everyone. While this does result in consistency, it isn’t necessarily the ideal way to go if you want to cultivate a highly productive team.

Leaders who embrace flexibility take a different route. They adjust their style based on the needs of each employee or the situation as a whole. For example, they may alter their feedback frequency or format, offer different rewards, or communicate using a variety of methods. Their goal is to choose methods that best serve the scenario, enabling those around them to always be at their best.

Maintain a Learning Mindset

Being open-minded is a critical part of the learning mindset. Leaders who believe that their way is always ideal may struggle to learn from experiences, and that could cause them to repeat mistakes.

However, by being flexible, a manager can understand that helpful information can come from anywhere. Whether it’s reflecting on past success or failures, tapping the expertise of their team, or doing independent research, they understand that they might need to acquire new knowledge to overcome a challenge.

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