Five Video Interview Strategies You Need Now

With COVID-19 disrupting communities all around the country, companies are having to rethink how they hire. One of the most significant changes involves using video interviews to screen candidates before making a hiring decision.

If you’re trying to land one of the available jobs in Mentor, Ohio, you need to be ready for a video interview. Otherwise, you might struggle to keep your career on track during the coronavirus outbreak. If you want to make sure your prepared, here are five video interview strategies you need to use now.

1. Prepare Just as Much

When you’re getting ready for a video interview, you might assume that you can skip some preparation. After all, you could theoretically write notes in advance and keep them up on the screen, or even try to Google answers along the way.

The issue is, if you try to cheat your way through the interview, you’ll probably get caught. Hiring managers are savvy, and they’ll notice if your eyes keep darting around your screen or if you start typing. Faking a technical issue to turn off your mic or video won’t work either, as the timing of the problem alone could give you away.

Ultimately, you want to do as much research and preparation for a video interview as you would for an in-person meeting. That way, you can focus on the conversation and presenting yourself in the best way possible.

2. Get Your Background in Order

Your camera isn’t just going to pick you up; it’s also going to capture everything behind you. Make sure the space is cleaned and organized, and that any items or décor reflect well on you. If you think an object may be inappropriate or could reveal a detail about yourself that you’d rather not share, remove it from view.

3. Adjust Your Attire

Bright colors (including white) and bold patterns aren’t ideal when you’re on camera. They can be a bit harsh on a screen or may be distracting, so you want to avoid wearing them. Similarly, all black isn’t great either. It can make you look washed out.

For a video interview, opt for mid-toned neutrals. Additionally, either avoid patterns all together or keep them incredibly subtle, ensuring that your outfit doesn’t steal all of the hiring manager’s attention.

4. Make Sure You Can Make “Eye Contact”

With a video interview, eye contact is a little different. You can’t look at the hiring manager’s eye on the screen. If you do, it appears to them as if you’re looking down (suggesting your camera is positioned at the top of your device screen).

To make it appear like you’re making eye contact, you have to look at the camera directly. Practice shifting your gaze between the camera and the screen, cycling between each position every few seconds. That way, you aren’t starting too intently at the camera either, which could come across as overly intense.

5. Practice by Recording a Mock Interview

Since dealing with the camera is tricky, you might want to record yourself participating in a mock interview. That way, you can play the whole thing back. You can see how your outfit, lighting, and background look and make sure that you’re creating a sense of eye contact.

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