Should You Accept a Water from an Interviewer? How About a Coffee?

Many job seekers understand that bringing a water bottle or coffee with you into an interview is generally considered bad form. It’s a bit too casual for the occasion and can make you appear clumsy if you are trying to carry your drink and a bag while also shaking the interviewer’s hand.

However, when you’re interviewing for jobs in Wickliffe, Ohio, you might be offered water or coffee by the interviewer. If you are wondering whether you should accept the beverage, here’s what you need to know.

It Isn’t a Test

Most interviewers won’t offer you a beverage as some kind of secret test. They aren’t trying to figure out how you’ll handle a hot coffee while under stress or see how much water you drink in an attempt to gauge your stress levels.

Usually, the offer is a sign that the interviewer is being polite, and nothing more. It is likely a common courtesy they extend to others who meet with them as well, not just candidates coming in for interviews.

Saying “Yes” Is a Good Idea

When an interviewer offers you a beverage at the start of an interview, you are getting an opportunity to casually break the ice in a friendly way. By saying, “Yes, I’d love one, thank you,” you can show that you’re kind, polite, and appreciate their hospitality. It also sends the message that you feel at ease and are confident.

As a bonus, it creates a new social dynamic that may increase the odds of both parties viewing themselves as equals. This can play out in your favor during the interview, making them more comfortable with you as well.

Make Sure to Keep It Simple

When you accept a beverage, don’t treat the interviewer like a server or barista. Now isn’t the time to request something complicated, especially if they don’t present you with any options.

For example, if the interviewer offers you coffee, they might have sugar or creamer available, but they also might not. If they don’t ask if you need it, then you should consider drinking the coffee black. Requesting a half-caf, soy latte, extra foam, and caramel drizzle isn’t likely to go over well, so don’t pursue that level of customization.

If the idea of black coffee (or coffee in general) doesn’t agree with you, it is okay to politely decline the coffee and ask for water instead. This still allows the interviewer to feel like a good host and is a simple change that shouldn’t be an inconvenience. Just avoid asking for anything extra, like lemon, or dictating whether or not there should be ice in the drink, and you’re good to go.

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