The Key to Coping with Job Rejection: What to Do When You Don’t Get the Job You’re Wanting

When you are trying to land one of the most coveted jobs in Cleveland, Ohio, you might not end up with an offer. Being rejected for a position hurts, and it is difficult not to take it personally. Plus, being told “no” can significantly harm your confidence, and the idea of moving on can seem daunting.

Luckily, it is possible to move forward after job rejection, and you can even turn this negative situation into a positive. If you are trying to deal with job rejection, here’s how to handle this tricky situation.

Let Yourself Feel Your Feelings for a Moment

After a job rejection, it’s normal to feel a bit hurt and disappointed. Giving yourself a chance to work through these feelings, and even grieve the position, is actually a good idea, as suppressing your emotions can make it harder to move forward.

However, you also don’t want to dwell on the job rejection. Instead, acknowledge the emotional impact of the situation, allow yourself a moment to be upset and frustrated, and then prepare to move forward.

Reflect on the Experience

Before you start applying for jobs again, practice some self-awareness, and reflect on your recent experience. Think about what went right first and use that to rebuild some of your confidence. Then, identify areas where you struggled and form a plan that can help you overcome those shortcomings.

The idea is to locate any weak points and to create a path for corrective action. That way, you can perform better during your next attempt, allowing you to learn from the experience and improve your future performance.

During this stage, you can also request feedback from the hiring manager. In some cases, the hiring manager will be open to sharing with you why you weren’t selected and may offer tips that can help you become a stronger candidate. Plus, this can give you valuable closure, making it easier to move on as you prepare to pursue other opportunities. While not all hiring managers will agree to share constructive feedback, it doesn’t hurt to reach out and ask.

Don’t Lose Your Momentum

After a job rejection, you may feel like putting your job search on hold. However, doing so can kill your momentum and may make it harder to get started again down the road.

Instead of stopping, get back into a rhythm. Keep looking for opportunities on a regular schedule and touch base with your network to let them know you are still actively hunting for a new position. By doing so, you are being proactive, increasing the odds that you won’t miss out on an exciting opportunity simply because you were rejected from one job.

Are You Ready to Find Your Next Job?

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