How to Get over the Fear of Thinking You’re Underqualified for a Job

At some point in nearly everyone’s career, they feel underqualified for their job. This is especially common when professionals start on something new, like landing exciting new jobs in Euclid, Ohio and having to adapt to an unfamiliar environment and position or being selected for a project that is unlike anything they’ve done before.

However, dwelling in the fact that you feel underqualified isn’t going to help you succeed. Instead, that mindset can work against you, making it vital that you get over those sensations of anxiety and doubt. If you need to get over the fear of thinking you’re underqualified for a job, here’s how to get started.

Remember That You Were Hired for a Reason

Unless you genuinely exaggerated your capabilities on your resume or during your interview (or flat out lied about your skills and experience), you were selected because the hiring manager believed you could succeed. With the amount of screening candidates go through, it isn’t very likely that you are actually underqualified for your role.

Does that mean you’re expected to know everything about your duties? No. Everyone needs some time to ask questions and adjust to something new, no matter how many skills or how much experience they bring to the table. Additionally, some hiring managers select candidates because they have the potential to acquire new skills and thrive with time.

Essentially, since you got the job, the hiring manager chose you for a reason, so don’t doubt yourself just because you feel a little lost at times.

Shift Your Mindset

Constantly worrying that you are underqualified or assuming that you’ll be fired in no time isn’t helping you. Often, these thoughts are irrational, and they encourage you to focus on your shortcomings instead of your strengths.

When those ideas creep in, work to set them aside. Remind yourself about your strengths and then reexamine the problem to identify paths that lead to solutions. Focus on what you can do to move forward, including doing additional research, completing training, or asking for more guidance. Take active steps to learn the skills you need or find the information that is missing. Use your fear to push yourself toward success, instead of letting it hold you back.

Ultimately, a little anxiety just means you have room to grow. It can be a catalyst to help you figure out what you need to do by motivating you to overcome the challenges. With time, you’ll learn what you need to succeed. Then, you can keep facing new situations with increasing confidence.

Are You Ready to Take Your Career into New Territory?

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