You Have a Great Staff! Use Them (and a Referral Program) to Find Your Next Hire

When you need to find exceptional candidates for your open positions, you may be overlooking an excellent resource: your current staff. Your employees often have robust professional networks that are just waiting to be tapped. By implementing a referral program, you are welcoming them to find your next great hire.

Whether you use contingent workers from one of the leading temp agencies in Cleveland, Ohio, or maintain your own permanent staff, here is why creating a referral program is a smart move.

High-Quality Candidates

One of the main benefits of starting an employee referral program is you quickly gain access to a deeper talent pool and high-quality candidates. Since your workers understand what it takes to succeed in your workplace, they will typically only refer professionals who have the ability to thrive in your environment and the specific role.

Most employees will not risk their professional reputations by recommending someone who does not measure up. Instead, they will only refer candidates that they believe have the skills, experience, and attitude to do well in the positions.

Additionally, you can increase your odds of connecting with passive job seekers who are open to exciting opportunities but are not actively looking. If one of your employees thinks someone may be a good fit, they may discuss the job with them regardless of whether they are in the middle of an active search.

Lower Costs

With a referral program, you are creating a recruitment mechanism that does not come with the same costs as traditional recruitment methods. Even if you choose to provide employees with rewards for successful referrals, these costs are typically much smaller than recruiting on your own.

You also have an opportunity to save a substantial amount of time by hiring through a referral program. Referred candidates are typically aware of the basics of your company, so they will not have as many questions. Plus, they may be more enthusiastic about moving through the hiring process quickly since they were directly referred.

Improved Retention

An additional benefit of using an employee referral candidate is higher retention rates. Most referred candidates are interested in your company specifically since the referrer likely shared details about your organization. This may increase the odds that they will be a good cultural fit and capable of handling the nuances of the role, making it more likely that they will be satisfied in the position.

Ultimately, an employee referral program is an excellent resource that should not be overlooked. Plus, it is easy to get one started, so you can begin finding strong candidates quickly and efficiently.

Are You Ready Searching for the Top Talent You Need to Fill Your Open Positions?

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