How to Stop Wasting Time to Be More Effective in 2018

While everyone wastes a bit of time on non-work-related tasks on occasion, it can spell real trouble if it becomes a habit. Whether you work in an office, on a production line, or have one of the coveted Lubrizol jobs, time-wasting activities can significantly harm your level of productivity.

But, even if you are aware of your tendency to be distracted, it isn’t always easy to get these activities out of your life. To help you get started, here are some methods that will help you be more effective in 2018.

Avoid Interruptions

One of the most common time-wasters involves dealing with interruptions. Whether it’s a coworker stopping by for a chat, a never-ending cycle of email, or a constantly ringing phone, these distractions pull you away from the task at hand, making you less efficient when it comes to work responsibilities.

But there are ways to put roadblocks between yourself and these interruptions. For example, you can silence your email notifications, bring in a “do not disturb” sign for when you need to concentrate, send all calls to voicemail, or block off the entry to your workstation. Any of these can limit the number of distractions you face, making it easier to concentrate on your work.

Bite the Bullet

Some people are prone to wasting time because they are worried about how a particular project will turn out. Their fear holds them back, keeping them from starting or completing certain tasks, as they look for a way to avoid an outcome they believe may be unpleasant. But delaying your work out of fear isn’t a viable solution, and could make things worse than if you just bite the bullet and get it done.

Ultimately, if you never start, you’ll never know how your work will be received. And, even if it isn’t all good news, the feedback you get can help you improve, ensuring that the final outcome is positive. So, don’t avoid a task just because you are worried. Facing it head on and getting it handled is almost always the better option.

Give Yourself a Reward

Sometimes, a lack of motivation is what is holding you back, making it hard to see the value in getting it done. When this happens, the solution is actually simple: build in a reward.

For example, set a timer for 20 minutes and focus entirely on work for that period. Once the timer goes off, let yourself take a quick break and focus on something you enjoy, such as a part of the job that really excites you.

By punctuating the tasks you aren’t enthusiastic about with activities that you like doing, it can feel less like drudgery and more like a small portion of your day, making it easier to take on.

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