Is Your Company a Hotbed of Innovation or Just Going through the Motions Day After Day?

Most companies would like to believe they are highly innovative when, in reality, they aren’t actually deviating from the status quo or don’t have the right mix of innovative thinkers to actually move forward in key areas. But what actually defines an organization that is considered a hotbed of innovation? And, if you aren’t already there, how can you improve your standing?

To help you on your journey to becoming a truly innovative company, here’s what you need to know.

Promote the Development of Great Ideas

Innovative ideas don’t arrive fully developed. For example, the revolutionary recruitment approach associated with Par Excellence Advanced Hiring Solutions took time and support to craft it into the service it is today.

Companies that are genuinely innovative work hard to mold great ideas. They create formal programs that promote exploration, structure mentorship programs to help employees learn and grow, and give their workers the freedom to create. Without the right environment, innovative ideas won’t reach maturity. So, creating a culture that promotes their development is a critical step.

Openness to Reasonable Risk-Taking

If you want fully explore a great idea, you need to be open to a certain amount of risk. This involves giving your staff the ability to try out new systems or solutions that may not pan out in the long run.

Often, the most innovative companies make an effort to educate their employees in the area of risk analysis, giving them the tools they need to determine if what they want to pursue is reasonable. Then, leadership encourages them to move forward with any idea that could benefit the business. And, if something doesn’t work, they don’t treat failures as anything but a learning experience that will help them innovate more effectively in the future.

Support Healthy Conflict and Collaboration

At times, not everyone will see eye to eye on an innovative idea, and that can lead to some passionate discussions and disagreements. While many companies would rather diffuse all conflict, healthy conflict can actually be very productive, as it allows employees to debate perspectives and share information so that the best solution can be developed. Typically, this means making sure that everyone involved is focused on solving the issue at hand and not making it personal. As long as that is occurring, a little healthy conflict can yield great things.

Similarly, innovative businesses strive to create teams that collaborate well. This involves selecting employees who don’t just possess the right skills but are also a cultural “fit.” When you choose workers who will all thrive in the environment, they’ll be more comfortable to have the hard discussions and use innovative thinking, which is really the goal.

Are You Looking to Increase Your Workforce?

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