Chill Out! Here’s How to Calm Your Nerves Before an Interview

If you’re looking for jobs in Mentor, Ohio, you might be concerned about your stress level during an interview and how to come across as calm, cool, and collected when you feel anything but.

Being prepared can help you sort out your concerns and land the right opportunity. Companies are looking for more than just skills, they want someone with the right attitude. So remaining confident during your interview will be an important first step to landing that next job. Here are some ways you can build your confidence before your next interview.

Practice, Practice, Practice

You can enlist help from a friend or family member to practice before the interview. Give them the job description, your resume, and some common questions to role play the interview. You can look at your own reaction times, body language, and how you answer these common questions. They can provide feedback to help you improve.

Review, Review, Review

You expect an interviewer to review your resume before the meeting. They also expect you to do your own homework. Before your interview, read through the job description. Research the company online to see any news reports about them. Look at their page on LinkedIn or their blog to learn as much as you can about the personality of the company. This will put you at ease and help give you some common ground.

Notes, Notes, Notes

To boost your confidence, don’t just rely on your memory. It is completely okay for you to take notes to bring to the interview. There might be things you want to share that they don’t ask. It will also show the interviewer that you came prepared and want to be thorough. You can also make notes during the interview as long as it doesn’t become a distraction. You can come back to these points later in the conversation.

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