Looking for Some Extra Money? It Might be Lying Around Your House!

Almost everyone can use some extra cash. And while Employment Firms in Avon Lake should be the place to go if you want a paycheck, your house might be the best place to look for extra money. So if you’ve explored under the sofa cushions, the attic, the basement, and all of the other hiding places within your house, it’s time to expand your search outside. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you’ll find. Here’s where to look:


Barns, sheds, milk houses and other buildings are excellent places to start a treasure hunt. The previous owners might not have appreciated the value of the “junk” in these buildings and left them behind.

Collectible antiques are often disguised by years of rust and dirt. Coin collections are sometimes hidden for safekeeping under the floorboards of these buildings. Death or dementia before the owner can reveal its location will leave the collection abandoned or forgotten.


The rafters of a garage can be loaded with all sorts of treasures. Garages can have cabinets filled with containers. There might be coins hidden and forgotten under some nails in an old coffee can.

Look through any old tool boxes you find in the garage. The tools could be sold as useful items or as collector’s pieces, and the toolboxes, especially if they are wooden, could have some value.

Garbage cans, recycling bins, and dumpsters

Of course, no one wants to be known as a dumpster diver, but if you see an interesting-looking item peeking out of your neighbor’s trash can or you take a casual look into the neighborhood dumpster and see something that looks too good to be there, it’s fair game. Remove it and check it out.

Many times, someone will discard a piece of furniture by setting it on the curb or alongside the dumpster. It makes it convenient to inspect it to determine if it can be sold or restored.


If you’re looking for buried treasure in your yard, a metal detector is a must.  Hidden currency and coins are often in a container made of metal, even if it’s only the lid. After people bury things, they usually level the ground. Over time, it settles and leaves a depression. Look for low spots in your yard; there might be something of value beneath them.

A few years ago, the American Pickers, a TV show on the History Channel, found a valuable motorcycle buried in someone’s backyard. Anything is possible!

Old foundations

If there was once another house on your property and the foundation is still there, take a metal detector around it to find old coins. If you know where the front porch and steps were located, concentrate your efforts there.  It’s where coins would have fallen out pockets when people sat down to remove their shoes or to rest.

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