Bad Habits Result in a Bad Hire

The candidate arrives fifteen minutes late for the interview. When he finally settles in, he proceeds to mercilessly bash his current employer in response to your question, “Why are you looking to change jobs?” Your experience in hiring causes you to raise some serious red flags. And you’re probably justified in feeling that way.

Arriving late and griping during an interview are often precursors to a bad hire. Temp agencies in Cleveland, Ohio have seen it many times before. Bad habits that manifest in an interview do not cease at the workplace.

Of course, during your initial meeting, you won’t see every bad habit that a candidate would bring into your company. But if you observe just a few, rest assured that there are more to follow.

Arriving Late

If your candidate is late for the interview, there might have been something beyond his control that caused it. By itself, it might just be an aberration. But if there are other warning signs with it, you could have a potential problem employee.

Being on time for work and meetings is essential. You don’t get pats on the back for being on time—it’s a given. You know in advance when the work day begins, and meetings are typically scheduled ahead of time. There are no excuses.

Habitual tardiness is inconsiderate, maybe even arrogant. It’s a habit you don’t want to see in any of your workers.

Constant Complaining

Every employee complains sometimes. But if a candidate does it all through the interview process, you might be hiring a constant complainer. Think about it. If he’s attacking his employer during the interview, how long would it be until he’s condemning you in the break room?

Continuous gripers are never happy. And there’s nothing you can do to make them happy. They can poison others with their negative attitude or ruin a work day for those who are trying to be positive. If you can weed them out during the interview, your company will be better off.

Poor Grooming and Hygiene

Just because a candidate is being interviewed for a blue-collar position, that is no excuse for not arriving dressed and groomed properly. Showing up in jeans with holes and a bad case of bed head does not speak well of any candidate. It yells loud and clear, “I don’t care!”

Even if this person is qualified for the position, what kind of fit would he be with the other workers? If disgusting habits (they don’t need to be listed) accompany poor hygiene and grooming, you’ll wish your relationship with this candidate had ended with the interview.

Other Bad Habits

These three habits are certainly not an all-inclusive list. Swearing and bragging might not show up during an interview (or maybe they will), but they can be offensive and annoying to co-workers. Noisy employees can aggravate everyone, those with nervous habits can be grating, and workers who can’t keep their noses out of their smartphones will provoke their supervisors.

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