Four Holiday Bonuses Your Team Will Appreciate

The year is coming to a close, and you’ve begun planning for a spectacular 2017. You have great customers, and the work should be flowing into the plant. Now you need to find employees that can help you reach your goal of increasing production and profits.

You’ve been relatively successful finding most of the help you need, but filling the open Instrumentation Technician Jobs has been a challenge. Candidates always have questions about compensation, but at this time of year, there are additional inquiries about holiday bonuses.

And it has prompted you to ask yourself, “What type of holiday bonus or bonuses would my employees most appreciate?” Since you know your workers better than almost anyone, it’s up to you to come up with the best answer. But here are four suggestions that you can consider before you make your final decision:

Flexible Schedules Around the Holidays

Help your employees manage the stress of the holidays by giving them a few extra days off for shopping or just spending time with their families while the kids are home from school. Even if you can afford to give a cash bonus, the flexible schedule may mean even more to them.

When you give them time off, your workers receive a clear message—you’ve worked hard for us this year, now take some time off for yourself. They will remember that point throughout the year.

Gym Memberships

Healthy employees are happy employees. You can help your workers get fit and stay healthy by offering a gym membership as part of their holiday bonus. Many health clubs have corporate rates so that the dues won’t break your budget.

Just make sure it’s a gym that has a wide variety of services. After all, not all of your workers are bodybuilders. Some will want to run or bike, while others will want to participate in early-morning cardio or yoga classes.

Give them Options in Benefits

Perhaps the best solution for finding the perfect bonus for each worker is to allow them to choose their benefits and the type of bonus they want to receive. While this will increase your administrative workload, enabling employees to choose their benefits and bonuses can increase overall employee satisfaction—after all, they chose them!

When you have a diverse workforce, you will have different preferences from your employees. Some will put a stronger emphasis on retirement benefits, and others will value a tuition reimbursement program. Giving your workers options can help keep them happy.

Personal Concierge Service

Your company has been slammed with year-end orders, and it’s all hands on deck. You can’t spare productive workers, so the extra days off won’t be practical. How about a concierge service as a holiday bonus?

When you give them this gift, you’re relieving them of errands that they would be running after work hours. Fewer errands mean more time spent with family when the workday is over.

Increase Your Workforce in 2017

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