Is Affordable Childcare During Work Hours a Benefit You Should Offer Employees?

Companies are always looking for ways to boost their benefit programs for employees. But what also poses a challenge is providing benefits that are fair for not only regular employees but also temporary employees. Perhaps you are working with temp agencies in the Cleveland Ohio area and want to provide above board benefits for your temporary or seasonal workforce? If so, then one of the many benefits you may be considering is an affordable childcare benefit that supports working parents during their shifts. While this may seem like a good idea, there are various pros and cons to this type of benefit.

Is affordable childcare during work hours a benefit you should offer employees?

There are actually several ways to go about providing affordable day care benefits to your employees. These can include:

  • On-site childcare centers
  • A corporate discount with the local child care provider
  • Company paid subsidies towards daycare expenses

The choice that your company makes in providing these day care benefits often depends on the type of industry you’re in. For example, swing shift employees often find it hard to locate daycare providers willing to watch their children in the middle of the night or early mornings. In this case, an on-site daycare center may be the best option — so parents can drop their kids off and check on them during their shift breaks.

The pros of offering affordable childcare benefits to employees

There are actually many benefits to offering affordable day care benefits to employees. These benefits can include:

  • No lapses in daycare so employees won’t be late or absent from their work shifts
  • The ability for parents to be happier at work because they know their children are safe
  • Tax credits for providing affordable childcare to working parents
  • Ability to appeal to candidates who are seeking greater work-life balance
  • Recruiting more single moms and dads who have a lot to offer the company
  • Ease in transitioning military and relocated employees into the company
  • Temporary employees can take advantage of this perk as needed

The cons of offering affordable childcare benefits to employees

  • Someone on the HR team needs to coordinate this benefit for employees
  • The on-site daycare center could become filled and need to be expanded
  • Local daycare centers may not be willing to budge on their rates
  • Employees may find it awkward to ask about these benefits
  • The cost may outweigh the number of employees who use this perk
  • It may seem unfair to those who don’t have children

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