Starting a New Job? Make Sure You Avoid THESE Topics with Your New Coworkers

Starting brand new jobs in Mentor Ohio can be a very exciting time. Naturally, you will want to make a good first impression with your coworkers. You may find that the best way to do this is to make small talk with your coworkers. This can be helpful to find a common ground with others and to become part of the team. However, you must be cautious because there are often topics that can be controversial or touchy with certain types of people.

These are some of the topics you do not want to talk about at work with co-workers.


We may be in the midst of a presidential election and it’s on everyone’s minds, but you do not want to talk about politics at work. Everyone has a different opinion about the people they want to vote for and they will never agree 100% with anyone else. The last thing you want to do is offend a co-worker talking about a political party or a candidate that they would consider negative. The country was founded on political freedom, but this does not give you the freedom to speak negative politics at the office.


Religion is another one of those topics that no two people ever see the same. A person’s spiritual journey is a strictly personal one and therefore it is easy to accidentally say something that could offend another person. Watch out for behaviors at work like praying out loud and using religious phrases. In most workplaces there are policies in place that require employees to remove any religious items from their workstations. While you may wear a pendant or have some other sign of your religious beliefs on your person, never try to force your ideas on anyone else.


The quickest way to upset a co-worker is to start talking about the salary that you are earning. This is particularly true if you are a new hire and you happen to make more money than an employee who has been there for a couple of years. Never talk about money or your paycheck with co-workers. If you are working through a temp agency, the same rule applies.

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