How Can Better Onboarding and Training Lead to Increased Workplace Success?

Not that long ago, employees got a brief employee orientation and then they were thrown to the wolves. Human resources believed their job was done as soon as the ink was dry on hiring forms. But now, after studying the effects of poor onboarding practices, companies are wiser. New initiatives have emerged to help bring employees up to speed faster through structured onboarding and training programs.

Studies have shown that when employees are introduced to their jobs with a careful series of training and onboarding steps, they are more apt to stay on board for longer periods of time and tend to ramp up productivity quicker. The Aberdeen Group conducted a survey that shows that 86 percent of senior HR executives felt that a new hire’s decision to be loyal happened in the first 6 months of employment. This is the time when new hires are faced with learning new things and becoming part of the team.

Learn how better onboarding and training can lead to increased workplace success for your new hires.

The Short-Term Benefits

In the short term, an onboarding and training program can be highly beneficial to your organization. First, it sets new hires up for success because they have a thorough overview of the company, including how they fit into the equation. Secondly, new hires are carefully and systematically exposed to new ideas and new ways of doing things. This can often be a shock to a new hire and it is one of the reasons that people leave so early in the game.

Lastly, a new hire who is given the opportunity to learn at his or her own pace while being supported in a structured onboarding program is more likely to seek out help and ask questions. This can enable a new hire to avoid making mistakes and to become more successful in their job early on. This positive experience leads to long-term loyalty to the company.

The Long-Term Benefits

There are also some compelling reasons that onboarding and training can lead to long-term success with new hires. Initially, a new hire may come with a certain set of skills that need to be developed. Instead of trying to guess how to do their job, when an employee is trained properly, he or she is able to perform the duties of their job without many problems. A well-designed onboarding program focuses on long-term success of the new hire.

Setting employees up for success can also happen if they are brought on via a temporary to permanent contract. They can be oriented to the company well in advance of taking the job, and during the 90 day contract period. Other benefits that lead to long-term success include integration with the team, developing good work habits early on, and being treated as valuable by leadership.

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