Are Your Best Employees Looking for New Jobs?

Employee retention is one of the biggest concerns that most employers have today. Multiple workforce studies have shown that retaining an engaged team is vital to success over the long run. However, it seems as if employees have other ideas.

Not too long ago, CareerBuilder revealed that while employees are on the company clock, they are actively searching for other jobs. Another survey, conducted by Gallup, indicated that as many as 70 percent of any workforce is disengaged at any one time. These are frightening factors that all employers should be mindful of.

How can you know if employees are looking for other jobs, and if so, how can you convince them to stay on board?

First, what kind of attitude pervades the workplace?

Do you often hear grumbling from employees, do they shy away from speaking with managers, or are there frequent squabbles between workers? These can all be signs that things are not as they should be. Conduct an employee engagement survey and find out what’s troubling people. Then take action.

Second, do you notice employees who spend too much time on their mobile devices, while at work?

There’s a possibility they are taking advantage and using company time to search for other jobs, setting up interviews covertly, or talking with a recruiter. Limit the use of mobile devices in the office to cut down on these behaviors.

Lastly, put efforts into place that make the work environment, benefits, and experience more positive.

This can be as easy as promoting employees into better positions where they can earn a little more (a good retention action). Improve the work environment by setting up collaborative workspaces, better lighting, and more. Add some new perks, such as free lunches every Monday or onsite services to boost employee moods.

Remember, any workplace can be turned around by making some effort to pay attention to what’s happening with employees.

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