Why Every Great Leader Needs a Caddie to Help Them Succeed


This year’s Masters Tournament has come to a close and, after what proved to be a 3-hole meltdown by last year’s winner Jordan Spieth, Danny Willet has walked away with his first green jacket.

Becoming a great leader is no different than becoming a noteworthy professional golfer.

Just as every great golfer needs an equally great caddie to support him or her, leaders need mentors to help them reach their professional goals. How are caddies like mentors?

They Readily Share their Knowledge and Experience.

Caddies and mentors are real people pleasers, therefore they enjoy sharing their experiences with others – both positive and negative. This is a great way for leaders to learn from others without making all the common mistakes.

They Have Insider Information

Just like caddies, who serve many golfers at all levels, mentors have worked with some of the best in the business. This often means they have the insider information that leaders need to get ahead in a career.

They Teach the Fundamentals of Standing Out

Mentors enjoy seeing their protégé get credit when they’ve earned it. So too, caddies like to see their counterpart succeed in front of their peers. A good caddie and mentor will stay in the background and help others to stand out.

They Help Leaders Reach New Levels of Accomplishment

Everyone needs someone in their corner to encourage them to be greater than they thought possible. Caddies and mentors are the perfect people to bring out the best in leaders and this helps them to reach even greater levels of success.

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